OCZ Rally High Performance USB2 Flash Memory, Nokia N90

Tonight in the news, Grokster, a well known P2P File sharing service is the latest service making the attempt to go completely legit. Rather than fighting the entertainment industry, the decision allows them to avoid a lengthy and expensive court trial. Not a bad choice. Goodnight folks, enjoy the news.

Arrowmax PSX-550AL-24 Aluminum 550W PSU @ Bigbruin.com

"Arrowmax PSX-550AL-24 Aluminum 550W PSUUnder a load, the ArrowMax PSX-550AL-24 reported effifiencies that bounced between 0.98 and 0.99 (98% and 99%). You can't get much better than that, and a few months of pocketing the savings on your electric bill will contribute nicely to your next upgrade... The heat output during the testing agreed with the efficiency results, as the air coming out of the ArrowMax power supply felt about as warm as the room temperature."

OCZ Rally High Performance USB2 (Dual Channel) Flash Memory Drive @ 3dGameMan

"How in the heck can you live without a USB2 flash drive in this day and age? These drives are a godsend if you have important media to backup or transport. It's a quick and affordable way of insuring your important data is safe. While all USB2 flash drives are fast, this product is 30% faster. Clearly, this is a must have product! Watch the Video to find out more..."

The Optimus Organic LED Keyboard @ Legit Reviews

"The Optimus is the first keyboard that we have run across that is made with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on every key. Never heard of OLEDs? You are going to hear the term more often as they are brighter and more colorful than both LCD and Plasma screens. Read on to see what keyboards will become."

Noiseless Power Supplies from FSP and Topower @ X-Bit labs

"We would like to introduce to you two noiseless power supplies of the highest quality: FSP Zen and Topower TOP-420NF. Are you assembling a silent system? Then a fan-cooled PSU may become the loudest component. Check out these two great models, which might become your choice tomorrow!"

Nokia N90 @ Hardware Zone

"Nokia's first offering in their N-series mobile phone lineup, the N90 is big on features as well as size. Imaging is its main forte with great still and video captures, editing and even PictBridge support."