OCZ DDR Memory, Bondo Guide, HIS Exalibur and Other Goodies

Good afternoon friends, welcome back to Hot Hardware :)  Yesterday I received a chance to see a free screening of Shrek 2 at a new DLP cinema that recently opened.  I must say, besides the movie being outrageously funny, the presentation using DLP was amazing.  The difference in picture quality is like comparing a DVD to a VHS; definitely worth the extra cash (if you have to pay).  Anyhow, let's get to the real reason you are here....

OCZ PC3500EB Platinum DDR Memory Review @ PC Stats

"When Intel introduced the i865PE/i875P chipsets over a year ago, the Pentium 4 overclocking changed, but many enthusiasts seem to have forgotten that the rules stayed the same. Latency is just as important as bandwidth, for the average overclocker/gamer latency is actually more important! And so in this day and age, pretty much everyone reviewing high-speed memory, except us, has been praising the introduction of high speed DIMM's. Sure they let you go higher than ever before, but only at a very steep price."

Proper Bondo Use Guide @ Creativemods.com

"Metrinka details the process of properly using Bondo for case modding projects.  Mixing, applying, and sanding are all covered in this guide.  So if you want to learn what Bondo is, and how to correctly use it, please read on!"

HIS Excalibur Radeon 9600 with Dual DVI Outputs @ Tweak Town

"Julian checks in today with a look at the HIS Excalibur Radeon 9600 - with a difference. It features Dual DVI native outputs along with a total of 256MB of onboard memory. If dual displays excite you, this is worth a look."

Dont Know What PearPC Is? Now You Do! @ Overclocking HQ

"A little software project called PearPC is taking the computing world by storm. This software, still in 0.1.x stage allows you to run Mac OS X on the X86 platform, a feat that was previously thought impossible. PearPC is emulation software that tricks apple software into thinking that your Pentium or Athlon is a PowerPC chip. You can install OS X, and run OS X software."

Abit VT7 @ TrustedReviews

"There are also three spare fan connectors, although this isn't an unusual feature on Abit motherboards. Other features include native VIA S-ATA and 5.1-channel audio from Realtek as well as 10/100Mbit Ethernet. The back panel features optical S/PDIF in and out, dedicated 5.1-channel audio jacks and four USB 2.0 ports."

Time for me to run friends, I will catch you back here later :) - Cheers

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