OCZ DDR Booster, Lanparty 875-T LGA 775, and more!

To be honest, after watching the Patriots loose tonight, I'm at a loss for words. I do have to clap for Miami though, since it's amazing they still have that kind of fight left in them with their record. You can't win them all I guess.

DFI Lanparty 875-T LGA 775 Motherboard @ hardCOREware

"Enter DFI's Lanparty 875-T. It takes the latest CPU socket platform and mates it to the mature 875P chipset. It won't win any Gigabit Ethernet races, but you just wait and see how it performs with the tighter timings of DDR memory, and killer overclocking ability."

Danger Den TDX Waterblock Review @ OCModShop

"Instead of using their traditional maze flow design Danger Den has made something completely different. The TDX is similar to the RBX block from Danger Den, although modified for use with only 2 hose barbs. The area of water impingement features a wave shaped set of channels with cupping divots that force water to convect with the surface via cavitations of the blocks surface right over the CPU."

PowerColor X700Pro 128MB Review @ GotApex?

"It is about time we see some difference between 128 and 256MB cards, the Powercolor X700pro, while a decent card in all respects, just cannot keep up with the double frame buffered sibling. The 128MB framebuffer brings the price down quite a bit when compared to the 256MB offerings. However, with about half the performance in Futuremark 05 or greatly decreased performance under real world games, this card is certainly positioned for the user who needs a new generation card without the hole in the wallet."

OCZ DDR Booster Diagnostic Device Review @ AuphanOnline

"Us overclockers have had many great tools added to our arsenal in the last couple years. We've had great CPU's like the Athlon XP-M, the P4 2.4c and most recently the Athlon 64 Winchesters. It has never been a problem getting volts to the CPU. RAM however, has been a different story. Short of volt mods, we had to settle for what our motherboards gave us... until now."

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