Novatech Heatsink, Lian Li Case, FX5950 Shootout and 5900 XT FAQ's

Good evening my friends, welcome back :)  As you can see, the dust from constructing our new home is slowly settling to the ground.  But, as BigWop eluded to this AM, we still have a few tricks up our proverbial sleeve.  In the mean time, you will just have to suffer through piles of news and benchmarks... *sigh* such a rough life..... ;)

Alpha Novatech S-PAL8952 Pentium4 Heatsink Review @ FrostyTech

"It has been nearly two years since FrostyTech last reviewed an Alpha heatsink. That heatsink was the PAL 8942, the predecessor to the S-PAL8952 we are testing in this review. There have been significant advancements in Pentium 4 heatsinks, and the industry has seen the emergence of low noise coolers, more exotic technologies like Heatlane and traditional heatpipes, chemically assisted Heat Columns, and several major advances in fan technology. As we begin our look at the latest Alpha Novatech heatsink to be released, the question will be whether or not Alpha still have what it takes to design and build a high performance heatsink... to find out, we'll be comparing the Alpha S-PAL8952 against the best Socket 478 heatsinks on the planet!"

Lian Li PC-V2000 Full Tower Case Review @ ClubOC

"Almost everyone has heard of Lian Li, and for those that haven't, I'm here to tell you that they always manage to set the yardstick in the design of aluminum cases. The fit and finish is unparalleled, and the overall function is bar none. Ok, ok I may be bragging a little bit, but Lian Li debuted their new case at CeBit this year, almost all of the hardware forums were ranting and raving about Lian Li's newest offering, the V-series. Luckily we know a lot of wonderful sponsors that have no problem attaining one for a review, oddly enough it just happened to be the flagship case the PC-V2000. The first impression I had of the V2000 was the sheer size of the case, its absolutely huge, but remains the same size of its predecessor the PC-70 series. Lian Li has also paid a bit more attention to what we want with little additions such as a stealth CD-ROM, and an aluminum floppy bezel with holder. Of course these are the small things, and as you'll later find out Lian Li has literally did a 180 in the arrangement of how your components fit into a case."

Five-Way GeForce FX 5950 Ultra Mini-Shootout @ Hardware Zone

"Although the GeForce 6800 series has been launched, the 'old' GeForce FX 5950 Ultra still has plenty of power within it to tackle almost any game in the market today. Check out our take on five different GeForce FX 5950 Ultra graphics cards from Albatron, Gainward, Gigabyte, Leadtek and MSI in this mini-shootout."

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 XT FAQ: All You Need to Know About It @ xbitlabs

"NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900XT based graphics cards turned into a very nice purchase among the solutions of the kind. However, it is not that simple to decide which card to buy and how to overclock it successfully. This FAQ has been intended to help the current and future owners of the 5900XT based solutions. I did my best to answer all the possible questions you might have about these graphics card family, especially those dealing with the overclocking tricks."

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