Nothing OS Gets Something Of A Camera Improvement In Latest OTA Update

nothing phone 1

Released in July of this year, 2022, the Nothing Phone has not made as much of a splash as its creators had hoped for a budget "iPhone Killer." That thankfully hasn't stopped the manufacturer from keeping their device in tip-top shape with updates. Today a new update was released for Nothing's Android-based Nothing OS, the core mobile operating system on the Nothing Phone 1.

The latest over-the-air (OTA) update for the device brings it to version 1.1.3 with a decent change log. The new version adds the option to turn on Google's Adaptive battery, and it redesigns the fingerprint verification UI for third party apps.

The bigger portion of the update, though, includes a whole slew of camera improvements:
  • When using Glyph lighting, images are automatically adjusted to optimal color and brightness.
  • Improved photo clarity when using the front camera
  • Faster Night Mode and HDR photo processing time
  • Richer color saturation when using the ultra-wide camera
  • Reduced noise and increased sharpness when using zoom
  • Added reminder to clean the camera lenses.
This is a pretty hefty list of updates, and interesting that the phone goes as far as to remind the user to clean the lenses. There is no indication if that's based on sensor detection or just a periodic timer, either way it is actually kind of nice that the phone is looking out for your image quality.

nothing phone hero
Nothing Phone Photo of Back

The update also includes a number of bug fixes and performance optimizations. They are listed as follows.
  • Resolved and issue that caused stuttering in some apps like Twitter, Play Store, etc.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented mobile hotspot from working properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the lock screen to crash after tapping on a notification then trying to use finger unlock
  • Polished minor UI details
  • General bug fixes
nothing phone 1 photo 2
Nothing Phone pictured in use

All in all, the Nothing phone does look like a solid device as we've stated in the past. The device, however, is still not available in North America or through any carriers therein, Nothing is still telling people to contact their carriers to express interest.