Notebook Buying Tips, Pentium-M 780, Radeon X550 and More!

Jackson Armor Card @

"Today we take a look at a hardware solution that works independently of the operating system, the Jackson Armor Card.  The Jackson Armor Card is a revolutionary hardware solution that instantly restores computers to full operational status with a simply reboot. Even a novice PC user can instantly revive a disabled computer."

Notebook Buying Tips and Input Devices Galore @ Designtechnica:

"Lastly I discuss a nice logical process for purchasing a laptop, from a student's perspective. Hint: Start with the components you can't upgrade, and decide on how much weight you want to lug around. Specific systems mentioned include the Sony Vaio S4X0, T3X0, Dell 700m, XPS Gen 2, Sager powerhouse, and the variety of ultra portables at iCube and Dynamism."

Compex 802.11G 108Mbps Super-G XR USB 2.0 Adapter @ Futurelooks:

"Compex's latest offering to the 802.11g 108Mbps market is its new USB 2.0 wireless adapter using Atheros' Super-G and eXtended Range Technology. Is this G-Unit up to the task? Let's find out!"

Intel Pentium-M 780 (2.26 GHz) @ GamePC Labs:

"Today at GamePC, we've taken a look at Intel's new Pentium-M 780 processor, which just hit the market last week. The 780 is Intel's fastest P-M chip to date, running at 2.26 GHz and utilizing the extremely efficient Dothan core architecture. We test this chip (at stock and overclocked speeds) in a desktop motherboard to compare performance and power consumption against Intel's Pentium 4 and AMD's Athlon64 and Athlon64 X2 processor families."

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3000 Laser Review @ The TechZone:

"How do you top Logitech's top of the line MX 3100 laser mouse, keyboard comb? Make a lower price version of course. This month Logitech will introduce the Cordless Desktop MX 3000 Laser, which combines a new precision laser mouse with the superior comfort of Logitech's low-profile, Zero Degree Tilt keyboard, at an affordable price. For a suggested retail price of $99.99 (dealers will sell for less), the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3000 Laser provides all the benefits of a cords-free experience without any hassle or traditional keyboard mouse setups."

Sapphire Radeon X550 Review @ Bjorn3D:

"Although Sapphire may be best known for its high-end ATI video card solutions, the company also offers a variety of entry-level ATI-based graphics cards. I actually took a look at Sapphire's X300SE HyperMemory card back in may. Today, it's time to review a card that is a notch up in the entry-level segment -- the Sapphire Radeon X550. While the X300SE HyperMemory costs around $50, the X550 can be found for about $75."