No Man’s Sky Pushed To August Release, Could Be A Killer PlayStation VR Title

There are very few game titles on the horizon that are as hyped-up as No Man's Sky, an adventure survival game that takes place in a beautiful procedurally-generated world. While the game is going to be available on the PC (and will support NVIDIA Ansel, no less), the bulk of the game's hype is tied to the PlayStation community. To say that people have been excited for this game for a while would be an understatement.

We do mean understatement. The NMS community is clearly passionate about the game, and so when a delay is even suggested, sorrow quickly ensues. For one game writer, merely being the first to report on it led to death threats, and general bashing all-around on NMS's various communities.

No Man's Sky 01

Those who are not putting the blame on those merely reporting the news have been targeting their anger at the game's developer, Hello Games. On the official PlayStation Blog, one user shows what the game means to them: "2 months, really 2 months!!! Just give me the game now I be happy to test it. I booked time off, I bought equipment to make YouTube videos. You have had 6 years. I am seriously miffed."

Thankfully, that's a bit of a harsher case. Others who might be "miffed" are still looking forward to the game, such as another user who said: "A delayed game is eventually a good game :D". It's hard to disagree with that.

Is there more than meets the eye to this rumor, though? Because of the delay, and PlayStation VR's launch this fall, some have wondered if the game was purposely delayed simply to add PS VR support in advance of that hardware's launch, or at least align the launches better. It's hard to suggest that this is actually the case, though, as PS VR is slated for an October release, which is two months ahead of No Man Sky's August release. Could Sony possibly be ready to offer PS VR to early adopters purchasing this title?

No Man's Sky 02

It's really hard to say, but one thing is certain: if it's found out that the game is delayed solely because of PlayStation VR, there are many who are not going to be pleased about it. Just because a game has mad hype doesn't mean it's always going to have mad hype, after all. Delays like this can stifle the excitement for a game, and Hello Games has to cross its fingers that its title doesn't suffer that fate.

No Man's Sky is due out on August 9 in North America, August 10 in Europe, and August 12 in the UK.