Nintendo Vows To Fix Switch Joy-Con Controller Drift For Free, But How?

Nintendo wants to keep gamers happy, and it is trying to fix issues that some gamers are seeing with their Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch game console. The problem is known as Joy-Con drift and is when the controllers sense input and move the character on-screen without anyone actually touching the controllers themselves. The issue is widespread enough that a class-action lawsuit was filed against Nintendo. Nintendo has now vowed to fix any Joy-Con drift issues for free.

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Vice has seen an internal Nintendo memo that tells customer service agents to fix any Joy-Con controllers with drift issues at no cost. Nintendo has also said that any Switch owner who was charged for Joy-Con repairs will be refunded. The memo continues, stating that customers will no longer have to provide proof-of-purchase to be able to obtain Joy-Con repairs.

Nintendo has reportedly ordered its service staff to stop confirming warranty status for repairs. When a customer requests a refund for past repairs, agents are to confirm the repair was done, and issue a refund. This policy is a big deal for customers as what Nintendo is doing is telling the customer service staff to try troubleshooting steps, but if the steps don't work not to question a repair, to accept the Switch owner's word.

Nintendo does have a stock statement for its staff to use when asked if the Switch Lite will suffer from similar controller drift. The answer Nintendo wants agents to use is, "We expect our hardware to perform as designed." If asked about the class-action lawsuit, the answer is, "We have nothing to announce on that topic." Reports indicate that Nintendo is paying for the shipping costs for controllers sent in for repair. Nintendo hasn't shed any light on what might be causing the drift issue or how it plans to repair affected controllers.