Nintendo Responds To Switch Joy-Con Drift Issues After Class-Action Lawsuit

Nintendo was hit with a class-action lawsuit recently that focuses on the issues that have surfaced with the Joy-Con controllers that some Switch gamers have suffered through since the console launched. Joy-Con drift is when the thumb sticks sense movement when they aren't actively being touched, making it difficult or impossible to play games on the console. Nintendo has now issued a statement that advises Switch gamers who are experiencing Joy-Con drift to visit its customer support website.

switch with joycon

Nintendo says that it takes great pride in creating quality products and that it is continually making improvements in its products. The gaming company says that it is aware of reports that some Joy-Con controllers aren't responding correctly. Nintendo is offering to help gamers if they visit Nintendo isn't clear on what sort of help it plans to offer or what fixes it might make to future products to prevent Joy-Con Drift from being an issue in the future.

Nintendo did reportedly update the front page of the customer support website to give a direct link to start a ticket to get Joy-Con controllers repaired. However, some gamers who have sent in their Joy-Cons for repair have reported that they began to malfunction again only months later. At least one user has reported that upon receiving the Joy-Cons back from Nintendo, their controllers still had drift issues right out of the box.

Nintendo has troubleshooting pages on its support website that walk users through updating systems and using the Joy-Con software recalibration feature. Nintendo recently announced an updated Switch console that offers significant gains in battery life for players and it recently announced a Switch Lite console that is smaller and more portable for gamers who are always on the go.