Next-Generation Intel IGP a Threat

DigiTimes reports that Intel's next generation IGP slated for launch prior to Windows Vista will be equipped with enough performance features and functionality to pose a legitimate threat to ATI, VIA, and SiS. This new IGP will support DX9, Shader Model 3.0, OpenGL 1.5, Advanced De-Interlacing, MPEG-2 hardware acceleration, and HDMI output. Judging by the Intel IGP performance we witnessed during our review of the Alienware Area-51 m5500, this new IGP is just what the doctor ordered for Intel.

For the Viiv consumer PC platform, Intel's G965 series will target the entry-level and mid-range segments, while its 975 line is focused on the high-end, extreme gaming market, according to the sources. ATI Technologies, Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) and VIA Technologies may be threatened by better performance from Intel's G965 integrated chipset and could be under pressure to lower prices of equivalent chipset offerings, indicated the sources. However, the sources indicated that Intel may face tight capacity again and this would reduce the pressure on the competition.
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