Next Windows Rumored As "Threshold," Could Further Unify Microsoft's OS Ecosystem

If you've spotted any of the newest Microsoft television spots, you may have picked up on something. The company has been pushing a single Windows for your entire life, and while that's a good catch-phrase, it's not really applicable given today's state of Windows. There's Windows RT, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone. Yes, there is interoperability, but it's not perfectly seamless. Evidently, Microsoft is pushing for that to change in the near future. A new ZDNet report suggests that Microsoft's next project is codenamed "Threshold," which could hit the public in Spring of 2015.

It will likely be the first major Windows overhaul under a new CEO after Steve Ballmer fully steps away, and it seems that the idea is to create a "unified operating system engineering group" in order to better glue all facets of Windows together. Threshold could actually contain updates for Windows, Xbox One, and Windows Phone, and we're assuming that Windows RT will likely be phased out after a confusing and troubled launch on the original Surface tablet.

It won't be a single OS for all devices, though, at least not yet. Instead, it'll be an underpinning that more seamlessly ties all of Microsoft's major software products together. Beyond that, however, the road would be paved for making a single OS for all products, and we could assume that mobile processors and the like would finally be powerful enough to handle it.