New HD Tivo Box Due Out Soon; Prepare For Your Beating

Well, you know you want one of these. You want to be able to see and record Tiger Woods not sweat, in HD, when he's sinkin' those putts; and you want to rewind and watch his competitors wet their pants while he does it. And now you can.

Soon, anyway, if HDBeat's inside source at an electronics store is right. Better bring money:

It's no secret that TiVo's on the verge of shipping its HD-capable Series 3 set-top-box -- after all, the company's already notified the FCC, posted a product page, and even ignited a flurry of controversy over Time Warner's CableCARD policy -- but we have yet to hear of a solid release date or retail price for this highly-anticipated device. Well HDBeat's got an inside source at one of the big box electronics stores (to protect his identity, we won't say which one, but he goes by the name Todd and wears a blue shirt to work) who claims that the Series 3 has already been added to their system, scheduled to be in stock on September 17th for a hefty-but-not-unreasonable $799.

Engadget managed to get a photo of an October Popular Mechanics page too, verifying the $800 price tag. That's a lot of cake to capture and watch television, even if it is in High Def, but it beats renting that copy of Sin City from Netflix over and over again.

Read about it here.


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