New Exoskeleton Makes Super Soldiers?

The fashionable soldier of tomorrow will rip off the flak jacket and store the camo for a trip to the mall. If the military magnates at Raytheon have their way, soldiers will be donning futuristic exoskeletons before heading into combat. Sweet!

Described as a "wearable robot" on the Raytheon site, the exoskeleton looks extremely clunky...yet strangely super cool. After watching a video of an engineer ripping through a solid set of pull downs of a 200 lbs, we were wondering where we could score a pair of robotic arms for our next workout.

Raytheon tied the release of their super suit to the big-screen release of blockbuster flick "Iron Man," but we're not sure of the bigger surprise -- a sober Robert Downey Jr. becoming bankable at the box-office or this titanic triumph of engineering wizardry.
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