Networking Basics, MSI Quad Desktop, 100GB Portable Drive and More!

We're starting off the morning with some interesting reads from around the web.  If you are looking for a good networking basics article, the Tech Zone has you covered, while Hexus.Net has information on MSI's DBS system. There's something about quad video that makes be curious. Check it!

Seagate 100GB Portable External HDD @ Bjorn3D:

"On the go? Always away from home or the office? Looking for a way to take a big chunk of data along with you wherever you may roam? With the arrival of USB portable drives in sizes all the way up to several GB of data, the desire to go portable with all of your data is fast becoming the norm. Enter Seagate's portable external USB 2.0 100GB HDD ready to help you out with every storage need you may encounter while on the move."

Asetek Waterchill Antarctica Water Cooling System Review @

"Seeing that this is the first of many water cooling product reviews to be posted on, you might as well come in with a bang or in this case, a strong gurgle. Asetek have been in the water cooling market for quite some time and it definitely shows. Along with the outstanding quality and workmanship, detail, and efficiency, my first voyage into Asetek water cooling has resulted in a very positive experience.." - Quad Desktop Anyone?:

"MSI DBS (Dual Bridge System) Technology supports dual PCI Express graphics card with PCI Express x16 and PCI Express x2 interface onboard. The PCI Express X2 slot onboard is an open-ended slot for ordinary PCI Express X1, X2 add-on card or PCI Express X16 graphics card population."

Networking Basics @ The Tech Zone:

"A network is a group of computers, printers, and other devices that are connected together with cables. The sharing of data and resources. Information travels over the cables, allowing network users to exchange documents & data with each other, print to the same printers, and generally share any hardware or software that is connected to the network. Each computer, printer, or other peripheral device that is connected to the network is called a node. Networks can have tens, thousands, or even millions of nodes."