Netflix to Make Internet Viewing "Unlimited"

Apple is expected to announce a movie rental service at Macworld. Hoping to reduce some of the impact, Netflix is going to expand its streaming movie service. Formerly users could only watch a limited number of hours based on their subscription tier, but beginning Monday, all but the lowest tier will have unlimited access to streaming video.

The Associated Press has learned the change will become effective Monday, on the eve of Apple's widely anticipated move into the movie rental industry. Although Apple hasn't confirmed anything yet, Chief Executive Steve Jobs is expected to make it official during a presentation Tuesday in San Francisco.

Netflix is gearing up for the increased competition by expanding a year-old feature that streams movies over the Internet instead of making customers wait for their online rental requests to be delivered through the mail.

This just brings up another point, as many proclaim Blu-ray the winner in the HD disc war.  Did Blu-ray really win, only to lose to digital distribution in the long run?