Nintendo N64 Classic Launch Is Imminent According To EU Filing

We are living in the heyday of retro gaming today. You have many current (and future) options to play all of the games that defined your childhood (or adulthood) on miniature versions of the original consoles. Nintendo started the "mini console" segment with the Nintendo Classic Edition and later followed that up with the SNES Classic Edition. Sony has stepped into the retro segment with its recently announced PlayStation Classic packing 20 games and style almost identical to the original, albeit on a smaller scale. Nintendo has been good for one classic edition console per calendar year with last year's offering being the SNES Classic Edition. A new EU filing hints that Nintendo is preparing to toss a Nintendo 64 Classic edition onto the market.

n64 controller

Rumors suggest that the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition could land before the end of the year. The first hint this console was in the works came courtesy of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) last summer when a trademark application was filed for an N64 controller. Fast forward to May of this year, and another trademark filing for the N64 surfaced in Japan. Another hint at the coming retro console has surfaced, again from the EUIPO, and this filing shows a black and white image of a classic Nintendo 64 controller. The N64 had the trident-style controller with the analog stick on the center fork.

The EUIPO has registered and published the trademark from May that showed the black and white photo of the N64 controller, more than a year after Nintendo filed it. The deal with this filing of the black and white line art image of an N64 controller is that it very much looks like the similar application that Nintendo filed for the NES Classic Edition with line art of the original Nintendo rectangle controller. That line art image later turned up on the top of the box for the NES Classic Edition. A similar rendering of the Super Nintendo controller is on top of the SNES Classic Edition box.

nes classic
snes classic

A line art drawing of the N64 controller doesn’t show definitively that an N64 Classic Edition is coming, but it is certainly a strong hint. With the success of the NES Classic and SNES Classic, Nintendo will most definitely continue with shrunken down, classic consoles. If Nintendo packs the N64 Classic with Goldeneye and some of the other awesome games from the era, there's no doubt that sales will be strong.