Multi-GPu World Tour 2006 - Part3, Picking out the motherboards

Bjorn3D takes on part 3 of the multi-site evaluation and analysis project dubbed the "Mult-GPU World Tour 2006".  Penstar Systems and bit-tech kicked it off last week and there are others to follow Bjorn's installment, including opposite sides of the table fan sites, NVNews and Rage3D.  So far, to be quite honest, these articles seem to be more focused on the NVIDIA offerings, with diagrams and charts explaining full feature-set details of nForce SLI chipsets but not as much detail on ATI CrossFire.  Though clearly NVIDIA has a bit more maturity in their offerings and a lot more traction in the marketplace, hopefully future installments in this series will be a bit more balanced in terms of coverage.  Read on for your own conclusions...

"It is time for us to release part 3 in the Multi-GPU World Tour 2006 article series. We've taken a look at the backbone of every Multi-GPU system: the motherboards.

When building a complete system the choice of the components of course is very important. Many concentrate on picking a good CPU and video card but forget that the road to a stable and fast system starts with the motherboard. If you plan on building a system for two video cards the choice is pretty simple; a motherboard using NVIDIA's SLI-technology or a motherboard using ATI's Crossfire technology."

For a HotHardware perspective on various ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI motherboards, we encourage you to check out HH's Motherboard section of our site.  Lots of single motherboard evaluations and multi-motherboard round-ups going on here as well.