Mtron Releases Performance SSD for Consumers

For those who not only want to be on the bleeding edge, but want to be as fast as possible as well, Mtron has introduced the first SSD hard drive for consumers that, according to them, can  reach data read rates of up to 100 MB/s.

Based on their success in high performance SSD products for high-end servers and storages, Mtron has been able to develop high performance SSD for consumer purposes as well. With their new SSD MOBI, Mtron now offers variety of premium consumer SSD products in affordable price range.

Mtron SSD MOBI (2.5inch, 32GB standard) will be priced around $650 (USD), which is 30% cheaper than current Mtron SSD products for industrial servers. It offers the best performance for consumers who need premium system at lower price such as pro-gamers, graphic experts, and video editors. 

Speed is great, but size is not.  The MOBI is only available in 32GB, no larger (it says standard above, which may be misleading).