MSI nForce4 Boards, Corsair PC5400 Pro and More

Good evening friends, welcome back.  With all the sports talk today, I feel the need to round off the mix by touching on the most important sport of all, Hockey (I can already feel the heat from e-mails already).  With the NHL Blackout now peaking over the one month mark, this editor is getting tired of the Hockey Night in Canada feature being the Owners vs. Players.  Though I can see both sides of the argument, I sure hope an agreement is reached shortly so the pucks can start dropping.  Unfortunately, from the live chat which NHL commissioner Gary Bettman held a few days back, it looks like neither side wants to make the first step in beginning negotiations.  Personally, I think an ol'fashion game of Rock, Paper Scissors should be used in cases like these.  Here is even an on-line training tool if they need some practice...

 MSI's nForce4 PCI-E/SLI boards @ T-Break

"MSI, one of the leading computer motherboard manufacturers and the well-known AMD platform solution provider, today announced the debut of nForce4 chipset family motherboards. The MSI K8N Diamond and K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboards offer cinematic processing with powerful PCI Express x16 graphics interface and Nvidia's exclusive SLI technology."

 Corsair TWIN2X1024 PC5400 Pro @ Legion Hardware

"Looking at the bench test results it is safe to say Corsair have done it once again, the TWIN2X1024 PC5400 Pro certainly lived up to my expectations. Although, it is still only early days on the DDR2 scene, Corsair is certainly pushing the technology in the right direction. This memory has the winning combination of a higher operating frequency and lower latency timings."

 Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01 @

"It takes all ATX mainboards you'll ever throw at it, it can be converted to BTX without much fuss, it takes two power supplies. The list goes on. I mentioned that the Stacker's size would afford its creators options for new and useful internal case cooling schemes, if they were smart. Cooler Master are smart, the X-Flow fan really doing the job in terms of keeping the mainboard area cool with the minimum of created noise."

 Mushkin PC3200 LII V2 Memory Review @ PCStats

"Today PCstats will be checking out a couple of Mushkin's new low latency PC3200 Level II version 2 memory modules. Each stick of DDR RAM is 512MB in size (for total of 1GB), and operates at 200 MHz with timings of 2-2-2-5 at 2.6V. Both modules are protected by sleek black heatspreaders which should keep the modules safe from physical damage."

 Samsung 172x LCD Display @ XYZ Computing

"Aesthetically, the 172x does not disappoint, in fact is a big step up from the 172T. The monitor weighs just 8.3 lbs and measures 14.2" x 14.3" x 7.6" which means it is a good deal smaller than your average LCD, especially older and less expensive ones. The height and angle of the display is controlled by a "Dual-Hinge System". This setup is a very graceful solution a problem which has always plagued monitors. The maximum height of the monitor is only about three inches but this travel is well appreciated."

Time to grab some food, catch you in a few :) - Cheers

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