Motorola May Be Working On A 'Killer' 5.9-Inch Nexus Phone Code Named 'Shamu'

Get, it, “killer”? “Shamu”? Fine, never mind moving on: A rumor has emerged that Motorola may be developing a handset called “Shamu”, a 5.9-inch smartphone that could be a new Nexus device.

Android Police says it sources further indicate that the device will have a fingerprint sensor and may be released in November (or thereabouts), and of course the Shamu name fits with Google Nexus codenames’ aquatic nomenclature.

HTC Volantis
HTC Volantis (Credit: Android Police)

Other recent rumors point to an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet possibly being made by HTC, codenamed Volantis, running the NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip. Given the curious status of the Nexus program, it’s interesting to see that multiple manufacturers possibly being tapped to develop new hardware.

But of course, these are all rumors, so we’ll have to sit tight and play the waiting game.