Motherboards, MP3 Players, Video Cards, You Name It!

Hey all, time for your morning news update. I'm up a little earlier than usual to get things going for you. Recently I picked up mountain biking to get my lazy butt into shape and I find beating the North Carolina Sun is a good idea. All this sitting in front of a PC is bad news for the body and I figured I better do something or I'm going to get decrepit. Rob has his volley ball league, Dave his Tai Kwon Do and Jay is a cycler too. Seemed like a good fit for me as well. We'll see what happens over time, but the cost to get started is enough to keep me going for a long time!  This is not a cheap sport.  Here's your morning fix...

Samsung Yepp YP-T5V Digital Audio Player Review @ Designtechnica:

"Samsung claims that their Yepp YP-T5 digital audio players are the smallest of their kind. After getting our hands on this miniscule player, there is little reason to argue otherwise. But do not let their small size fool you, for the YP-T5 series packs more features that many players of considerably larger size. The Samsung Yepp YP-T5V features 256MB of internal storage while the Yepp YP-T5H comes with 128MB. The only difference we can tell between the two models is the storage capacity and color."

Silverstone Lascala LC03 Full ATX HTPC Case @

"The solution we're looking at today is also from SilverStone; their Lascala LC03 is not small, but might be 'just right' for your HTPC solution."

Asus P5AD2 Premium 925X Motherboard @ GamePC Labs:

"Today at the GamePC Labs, we've posted our thoughts on the new Asus P5AD2 Premium motherboard, which is based on the Intel 925X chipset for Socket-775 Pentium 4 processors. This board includes every possible extra, including 802.11G wireless LAN, dual PCI Express Gigabit Ports, Firewire 800, eight ports of Serial ATA/150 RAID, and Dolby Digital audio, not to mention supporting DDR2 memory and PCI Express graphics cards. We give a feature overview of this board, and also compare the performance of the 925X chipset to other Socket-775 chipset and memory options on the market."

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT and GeForce 6800: Overclocking and Modding @

"Today we are going to take a closer look at the two latest graphics solutions from NVIDIA based on GeForce 6800 and GeForce 6800 GT working at their nominal frequency and at overclocked frequencies after a few sophisticated modifications of ours. Find out now what you can get for your buck!"

ASUS P5DA2 Premium Review @

"So what we get in the final verdict is this my friends; ASUS has made the fastest off the shelf board for the 925X platform and it is a board that has an abundant amount of options. These are all the basic elements that come into play when a user is determining what motherboard they are going to be using and I can highly recommend the P5AD2 to anyone looking to get onto the new LGA775 platform, whether you be the basic user or the hard core enthusiasts type. Good job ASUS! This is a board that qualifies for our Editor's Choice Award as it has what it takes to be a winner."

OK guys and gals, that's it for me. I'll be taking the rest of the day off but will be back in the AM with more treats!