Mobility Radeon 9800, Hollenshead Interview, 6800 GT Giveaway

Well it's about time I showed my face again around here, eh?  ;-)  Between all the backend work here with the new forums , our new site design and new product launches, I've become a real stranger here, a real behind the scenes guy.  Yay... NOT.  I'd rather be in the mix for sure.  Never the less, I'm sure Marco, Jeff and Jay have been taking care of business for you.  It is good to be back though.

So then, I've got some Saturday night juice for you.  On with it.

Mobile Gaming - Dell Inspiron 9100/ATI Mobility 9800 @ DH

"ATI have had a great history with mobility graphics cards and today ill belooking at their newest model recently released, the Mobility Radeon 9800 GPU. Currently DELL are supplying this card with their Inspiron series of laptops with more manufacturers to follow, and thanks to ATI and Dell the machine in question today is the Inspiron 9100 which is (not surprisingly) marketed as a desktop replacement. "

HIS Excalibur Platinum Radeon 9600 @

"With my recent look at Gainward's dual-DVI GeForce FX 5700, it was great to take a look at the Radeon 9600 mid-range side of the same fence. If dual-DVI is your bag, there's a hell of a lot to like from the tiny little Excalibur, should balls-out performance not be one of your considerations. That's not to say it's slow, far from it actually, since the RV350 GPU used to power the board is a very competent DX8 and DX9 performer. But it's the board size, lack of any need for external power, cool running, quiet fan and no-frills approach that make it appealing."

Cooler Master Aquagate @ Overclockers Online

This shows how effective the quick-disconnect fittings were. They are virtually leak-proof. As I mentioned earlier, only a few drops of coolant will remain inside the fittings, which can easily be cleaned out with a cotton swab"

Quakecon coverage and Id's Todd Hollenshead interview at GameSpy

"So when we started working on the game, John already had an idea about "Hey, look, the technology's strong points are going to be emphasizing these elements." The interaction of light and darkness, being able to hide things in shadows, being able to make people uncomfortable because they can't see what's in there because it's too dark, sort of having not only the trepidation of going through an area that's kind of foreboding with stuff that can get you to the "boo!" or scare effect, too. "

TweakMonger GeForce 6800 GT Giveaway -

"You may enter this drawing by purchasing anything from the Tweakmonster Store between now and September 15th, 2004. All purchasers between now and then are automatically entered into the drawing, and the winner will be notified via email and the video card will be shipped to them FREE of charge." 

Well now, that's not really a giveaway, is it?

That's all she wrote for tonight folks.  Have a fine one!