NVIDIA Confirms Gorgeous Minecraft RTX Public Beta Arriving April 16 With DLSS 2.0 Support

minecraft rtx
NVIDIA has been talking up Minecraft with RTX for nearly a year now, but we're getting very close to the first public beta for the game. As its name implies, this enhancement to Minecraft brings everything that you know and love about the popular game with the inclusion of GeForce RTX effects.

According to NVIDIA, the Minecraft with RTX Windows 10 Edition Beta will go live on April 16th. With RTX enabled, Minecraft adds ray-traced reflections, global illumination, emissive lighting, volumetric fog effects and more, which brings a bit of added realism to the still blocky environments. The effects can be quite dramatic; especially with the reflections and atmospheric lighting. In addition, NVIDIA says that Minecraft with RTX brings more realistic materials to the fray.

minecraft rtx 2

“The next big evolution for Minecraft has arrived with Minecraft with RTX,” said Saxs Persson, franchise creative director of Minecraft at Microsoft. “The core of regular Minecraft is building with blocks. GeForce RTX GPUs transform the Minecraft world with a dramatically more realistic look by adding life-like lighting effects, shadows, reflections, refraction and more to the builder’s tool kit.”

To get a better idea of what Minecraft with RTX looks like with the proper hardware, check out the announcement trailer below:

In addition to support for RTX effects, Minecraft with RTX also supports NVIDIA's DLSS 2.0 (Deep Learning Super Sampling). NVIDIA is targeting a 1.7x (or greater) performance boost at 1080p. Not to be left out, the beta will include six free maps (downloadable from the Minecraft Marketplace) that were designed by some of the top creative talent in the Minecraft community; you can see the included maps below:

6 minecraft rtx maps

We currently have the beta in-house, and will be providing additional information on our thoughts of Minecraft with RTX in the coming days. But needless to say, it's a pretty compelling upgrade over the existing gaming experience. Be sure to check back at 1pm EST on Thursday; that's when downloads will be active for Minecraft with RTX.