Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Comes To Xbox App For Windows PCs

xbox cloud gaming
In April, Microsoft rolled out a limited beta of its Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) streaming service for Windows 10 PCs and Apple devices. However, this early beta required users to game through an internet browser rather than providing Xbox Insiders with a native app to experience the service.

That all changes today with the latest revision of Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is now available through the official Xbox app in Windows 10. Given that the service is internet-based, your aging PC should still be able to provide an excellent gaming experience (as long as you have a decent broadband connection).

Like the previous beta, you will need a compatible controller that connects to your PC via USB or Bluetooth. Once you have those prerequisites out the way, you’ll need to open the Xbox app and click on the Cloud Games button. From there, you’ll be able to access all available games via your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Then, as before, you can continue the progress you initiated with an Xbox console on your Windows machine and vice versa.

Another feature enabled in the latest Xbox app is the ability to stream games to your Windows PC from an Xbox console located on your local network. You can even power on your Xbox from within the app to start the process if it’s asleep.

The updated Xbox app is currently only available to Xbox Insiders. However, joining the program is a relatively simple affair; just go to the Xbox Insider Hub app and sign up for the Windows Gaming preview.

If you don’t want to join the Xbox Insider program, you can still access Xbox Cloud Gaming the “old” way by visiting Unfortunately, iOS and iPadOS users still don’t have access to a native app due to Apple’s strict App Store rules, but they too can join in on the Xbox Cloud Gaming fun using the previous link.