Microsoft Will Be Making Windows 11 Much Faster Next Year

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It seems that all the complaints that have been coming in about the sluggish performance of Windows 11 across multiple social media platforms hav caught the attention of Microsoft. The UI team for Microsoft says it will be focusing on performance in 2022.

Since the official launch of Windows 11 there have been various complaints pouring in from consumers. One has been the fact that some with newer PCs are still unable to download the latest UI from Microsoft through its compatibility tool.  But perhaps the most bothersome issue for those who have been able to download Windows 11 has been the sluggish performance that many are experiencing.

On a Reddit post from last week, the Windows Developer Team fielded questions and gave a few answers along the way. Users were stating things such as, "To me it feels like every classic UI element that got replaced with a UWP XAML version in Windows 10 got slower." One response from another user to that was, "Not only slow, it's very GPU heavy, a stopped hidden loading bar was using 13% GPU, it's a known issue and seems like nobody has done anything about it in years."

Another area that was talked about was how File Explorer would just freeze or crash randomly, leaving users baffled at how such a fundamental component of the system could have issues. As one user pointed out, "This is most noticeable when using a OneDrive synced folder and is still very laggy. Using the F11 option to full screen the Windows makes the experience far quicker on my install but this is not a valid workaround to ensure fast performance on such a critical core component of Windows."

Several users simply referred to the experience as being sloppy. Some have seen noticeable delays when they right-click on the desktop, try to adjust the volume, issues with the notification center, etc. Some fixes have already addressed some issues, such as the command bar doing unnecessary calculations. 

All of this did not fall on deaf ears, however. A member of the Windows Dev team responded to one post stating that performance would be an area of focus for them in 2022. They indicated that much of that focus will be on the startup/launch perf. The full statement can be seen below.

Reddit Windows 11 Complaint
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Those with lower-end PCs have felt the performance issues the most, obviously, as the WinUI and modern UI elements seem to be more GPU intensive. Microsoft has implemented a few fixes for this already and have more being tested that should release in early 2022. So keep your eyes peeled for more fixes to come in the near future that will hopefully speed up your Windows 11 experience.