Microsoft Teases All-New Windows 1.0... What's This Craziness All About?

ms windows 1
Microsoft's social media accounts having been acting a bit "strange" this morning. On both its official Twitter and Instagram accounts, Microsoft posted a video announcing the "All-New Windows 1.0, with MS-DOS Executive, Clock and more."

The video itself starts off showing the current Windows 10 logo, then travels backwards displaying older Windows logos including Windows 7 and Windows 95 before settling on the logo for Windows 1.0. During this time, some synth-heavy music plays in the background with graphics that looks like something straight out of the 1980s.

Now unless Microsoft somehow got ahold of Doc Brown's DeLorean and traveled back in time to the year 1985, there's no way in heck that Windows 1.0 is all-new. In fact, Windows 1.0 was first released on November 20th, 1985, which means that the operating system will turn 34 years old later this year. Considering that November is still a few months away and that 34 years isn't exactly a banner year to celebrate a milestone, what exactly is Microsoft up to with this cryptic video?

The popular opinion seems to be that this is a tie-in with the upcoming third season of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. The new season kicks off on July 4th, and will take place during... you guessed it... 1985. Coincidence? We think not. Microsoft isn't a company that shies away from product placement. I mean, who could forget the Frasier episode where Bill Gates basically hocks Windows XP while taking with Frasier Crane.

Perhaps Windows 1.0 will play a minor role this season as Eleven and the gang faces new enemies in Hawkins during summer break. Of course, this all just speculation, but we're going to will it into existence...