Microsoft Delays Its Surface Earbuds AirPods Rivals

surface buds
Microsoft recently unveiled its Surface Earbuds for a while, and fans were looking forward to the devices. Microsoft has a webpage live for the Surface Earbuds, and the site gives up all the details on hardware and shows what they will look like when they land. However, Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay announced this week that the product has been delayed.

Panay explained via Twitter that making new products is about getting all the details right, which takes time. He went on to say that sometimes that takes more "time than we planned on." Panay says to provide the best possible experience for fans and customers, Surface Earbuds will now launch globally in the Spring of 2020.

The Surface Earbuds are completely wireless and have a large circle that sticks out of the ears when inserted. Microsoft promises a design that makes them comfortable for long term wear. The large, flat, round surface of the earbuds is touch-sensitive and allows them to register gestures for skipping tracks, adjusting volume, and making or receiving a call.

surface buds case

The design touted on the website calls out omnisonic sound, and two microphones in each earbud to deliver better voice recognition and call quality. Microsoft has promised battery life up to 24 hours thanks to a charging case with up to 8 hours of use per single charge. The devices also support Swift Pair tech with Windows devices.

One potential downside for some people is that the round top of the Surface Earbuds are large with dimensions of 25mm x 19mm. Each of the buds weighs 7.2 grams. The charging case is 75mm L x 32mm W x 25mm H and weighs 40g. We first heard rumors of the Surface Earbuds in April of this year.