Microsoft Selling Xbox Controller Replacement Parts Scores A Big Win For Right To Repair

hero xbox elite 2 controller
Microsoft has begun selling replacement parts for its Xbox controllers that will allow tech-savvy owners to make much-needed repairs to their beloved gamepad. Parts include things such as a replacement input PCBA to buttons, triggers, and bumpers.

Anyone who has ever used a controller for gaming for any extended period of time has more than likely run into issues such as sticks that begin to drift, or buttons that stick. Up until now, if a gamer wanted to remedy the problem they would either have to send their controller off to be fixed or simply buy a new one. Now, however, Microsoft is making it possible for owners of an Xbox controller to do those repairs themselves if they so choose.

The Microsoft Store now offers replacement boards, buttons, covers, sticks, and more for customers who would rather take matters into their own hands when it comes to keeping their favorite controller alive and well. The prices for parts range from $24 for buttons, to $35 for a vibration motor, to $60 for a circuit board and motor assembly. Along with the parts, consumers will also be provided with downloadable instructions and step-by-step tutorial videos to assist them in the repairs.

The inclusion of tutorial videos is a nice added feature that Microsoft has thrown in. They are a good way of knowing exactly how to take a controller apart, without damaging any other parts in the process.

Sony recently took a step in the same direction when it began shipping its DualSense Edge controller with replacement control stick modules. Microsoft's competitor has not yet made any other parts available to its customers yet, however.

So, anyone that has compatible Xbox controllers laying around they thought were dead and unusable, now might be the time to try and resurrect them with some brand new parts. Replacement parts can be found on the Microsoft Store website.