Microsoft Rips On MacBooks In Latest Surface Pro 4 Commercial, Like A Hat For Your Cat

Hat on a Cat

Shots fired, shots fired! Microsoft took aim at Apple in a new advertisement with a snarky jingle highlighting ways in which its Surface Pro 4 tablet is better than a MacBook, the latter of which is "less useful like a hat for your cat." It's the latest in a long line of Mac versus PC commercials where Apple and Microsoft trade barbs.

This latest ad draws attention to the Surface Pro 4's detachable keyboard, included stylus, and touchscreen display, all things the MacBook family lacks. There's also a subtle shout out to Windows Hello, the biometric security system Microsoft built into Windows 10, and the fact that the Surface Pro 4 is "lighter than Air." Less savvy users might miss the intended reference, but Microsoft is comparing the weight of the Surface Pro 4 at 1.69 to 1.73 pounds to the MacBook Air, which checks in at 2.38 to 2.96 pounds.

Have a watch:

The add is getting mixed responses from viewers on YouTube. At the time of this writing, it has 536 thumbs up votes and 272 thumbs down votes.

"I love Apple but man this is funny—hahaha. I wouldn't buy a Surface over a MacBook but maybe I would consider buying the Surface Book though," reads one of the comments in response to the video.

Surface Pro 4

Another person wrote, "Shouldn't they be comparing the Surface Pro to the ipad Pro??"

Valid point, though Microsoft and Apple are both guilty of glossing over the facts in their long war of words with one another. These ads, like the ones that came before them, are supposed to funny. I've always been critical of Microsoft's effort in the past, especially those awkward moments when it countered Apple's hilarious (albeit misleading) Mac versus PC ads with Jerry Seinfeld shopping for shoes and Bill Gates eating churros, among other cringe-worthy efforts. But this latest jingle is at least entertaining. Seriously, if the picture of the cat wearing a hat doesn't amuse you in the slightest, you might want to have your funny bone checked out.