Microsoft’s Windows 8 Ads Go From Obnoxious to Down-Right Weird

This is just getting awkward, leaving me more convinced than ever that Microsoft needs to tap into its riches to hire some creative folk who's collective task, and only task, is to come up with commercials that don't suck. Remember when Apple blitzed the TV screen with its Mac vs PC ads? Those were funny, even if largely misleading. Microsoft's answer? Hire Jerry Seinfeld and have him shop for shoes. Seriously.

More recently, Microsoft's attempted to sell the world on its Surface RT and Pro tablets/notebooks/hybrids with a series of ads that failed to inform the public what these devices really are, choosing instead to focus on that wonderful CLICK sound when you slap a cover to the devices. But the worse sin of all? Putting out ads like this:

Are you as confused as we are? If not, feel free to explain in the comments section how the above ad showing a guy fingering a watermelon and another slicing it open to find a dead creature inside isn't awkward. Bonus points if you can convince us this ad somehow works in Windows 8's favor, as it's intended to.

Believe it or not, it gets even more weird. How so? Well, this next ad shows a guy playing a piano while hitting a ping pong ball...with a paddle wedged up his rear end. Um, okay?

If you can't get enough of these quirky ads, you're in luck, Here's one more:

According to The Verge, these ads were intended for the Asian market and accidentally posted to Microsoft's general channel. In Microsoft's defense, Apple has put out some duds, too.