Microsoft Restarts Its Mobile Push, Readies Windows Phone 10 Public Beta

In case it hasn't been said enough, Windows 10 is going to be a massive release for Microsoft. It's not just that the company will have to try to make the world forget about Windows 8, it's also about making the entire product line feel congruent -- Windows on a tablet will feel familiar to Windows on the desktop, or even the Xbox One.

It's not Microsoft itself that's doing most of the hyping with Windows 10, but rather the press. In fact, the company is enjoying some of the same hype that tends to follow Apple around. Back in November, we learned that an event for the OS would be held in January, and in December, we had a hard date - January 21. Ever since then, the event has been talked about, and as we near closer the hype continues to grow. After Windows 8, I admit it's kind of refreshing to see this.

Lumia 830 and 9301

In advance of that event, though, some more interesting bits of information have come out. For starters, anyone who participates in the Windows Insider program (free to join) can download a special app that will unlock Windows 10 pre-release updates for their given device. It's not entirely clear which models are going to be supported, but if you're feeling brave, you may as well give it a try.

In addition to this release, The Verge tips us off to a couple of other bits of info, including the fact that the desktop version of Windows 10 will feature light and dark themes, on par with what's seen in the mobile version. And speaking of the mobile version, that's currently being referred to as Windows 10 Mobile internally, and is said to be a blend of Windows RT and Windows Phone - not much of a surprise there.

I don't know about you, but I am looking quite forward to this January 21st event. I am just hoping, as a desktop guy, that the focus isn't all around mobile.