Microsoft Pegs January 21 For "Next Chapter of Windows 10"

Rather than debate what's good or bad about Windows 8, let's just all agree that it failed to capture the collective audience that Microsoft hoped it would. Despite big ambitions, it was just last month that Windows 8 and 8.1 combined finally overtook Windows XP in market share, though it still resides on less than two out of 10 desktops, according to data from Net Applications. Our point? There's a lot riding on Windows 10, which we'll learn more about during a scheduled event on January 21, 2015.

Microsoft has begun sending out invitations to members of the press to join the company on its Redmond campus where it will discuss the next chapter of Windows 10. Several Microsoft bigwigs will speak during the event, including company CEO Satya Nadella.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

"On Wednesday, January 21st – we will be holding an event here on Microsoft’s Redmond campus where we will talk about the next chapter of Windows 10. You’ll hear directly from senior leaders from the Operating Systems Group including Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and Phil Spencer who will talk about the Windows 10 consumer experience – continuing the story we began in September. You’ll also hear from our CEO Satya Nadella as well," Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc stated in a Windows blog post.

The general public will also be able to listen in via live webcast. Details for how and where to tune in will be revealed at a later date, though for now, you can place a check mark on your calendar for January 21, 2015.

There's a lot more positivity surrounding Windows 10 than there was with Windows 8 leading up to its launch. It's supposed to be such a big change that Microsoft decided to 
skip right overcalling it Windows 9 (though there have been theories of lazy coding and other alternative reasons). Indeed, the return of the Start menu and features like virtual desktops, Windows Task View, and other goodies are winning favor among users have been playing with the Windows 10 Preview.

As for what else we can expect from Windows 10, Microsoft will presumably 
reveal more about the OS's consumer features next month.