Microsoft To Reveal Windows 10 Consumer Features At Event In January

By this point, everyone and their dog should know that the oddly-named Windows 10 is en route. Months ago, Microsoft released a developer preview that anyone could download, and surprisingly enough, it happens to be very, very good. I've personally been running it on and off and have been quite pleased with it. The only reason I go back to my Windows 8 install is because I don't feel like spending the time to install all of my apps on an OS that's essentially a beta.

Microsoft Windows 10

Given the fact that we know so much about Windows 10 already, it might seem a little odd that Microsoft, according to The Verge, is planning to have a proper announcement this coming January that will target the consumer audience. While the company will undoubtedly talk about the cool new features most of us already know about, it's expected that it will also unveil a lot more that we probably don't.

One thing in particular Microsoft is expected to talk about is its new touch interface (oy!) called Continuum, as well as discuss its plans for the Windows mobile ecosystem, and perhaps even updates to its Xbox One platform, with sights set on the dashboard.

It seems likely that Microsoft will release details for its upcoming event before the end of the year. If you're a little adventurous and would like to give Windows 10 a go in its current iteration, you can head here. If you'd prefer to bide your time until the final release ships, you can expect to wait about a year.