Microsoft Releases Vista SP1 for x64 Systems?

This has to be the most screwed-up Service Pack release we've ever seen, and we've seen plenty of them. While Microsoft said SP1 has been released to manufacturing, it also said SP1 wouldn't be sent to end users for six weeks. And it even pulled one of the prerequisite updates yesterday after issues with it. Yet today end users with 64-bit Vista installs are seeing SP1 in Windows Update.

Not a whole lot to say here, but if you're running Vista on an x64-based system, you've probably already noticed a little surprise courtesy of Windows Update, which today started pushing out the x64 edition of Vista Service Pack 1. If you've been following things in SP1 land, you'll notice that's actually ahead of the neat and tidy Windows Update launch for non-x64 systems, but behind the unofficial options already available.

People are installing, and things seem fine, but it's interesting that one user at enGadget said support was "shocked" to hear about SP1.