Microsoft Reportedly Puts Windows 10X Chrome OS Competitor On Ice

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Windows 10X, which we have been talking about for quite some time, could have been the “Chrome OS killer,” but Microsoft has seemingly put the kibosh on it for now. Perhaps this is due to a newly invigorated effort into the upcoming “Sun Valley” update or concerns about the market share a ChromeOS competitor would have. Either way, Windows 10X is on hold, and we will have to wait and see what happens soon.

Since at least 2019, we have been hearing about a Windows 10 branch called Windows 10X, which was to be used for dual for folding display devices. After that, leaks and snippets of information came out until 2020, where Microsoft went rather quiet about the entire project when it was supposed to be launching. It is unknown whether the project was canned last year, but Microsoft has struggled to see where Windows 10X would fit in anyhow after switching gears from primarily supporting dual or folding display devices to more traditional laptops.

10x microsoft puts windows 10x on hold for now
Windows 10X Desktop

Now that we are well into Spring, it appears the plan is changing again as Brad Sams of Petri reports that “Microsoft will not be shipping Windows 10X this year and the OS as you know it today, will likely never arrive.” It is unclear why this decision was made, and sources familiar with the situation did not appear to elaborate. It could be because Windows 10 already runs on many devices, and thus it begs the question of, “Is a lite version of Windows 10 really necessary?” Furthermore, Microsoft is planning to give Windows 10 a facelift anyhow, so maybe it makes sense to invest more there than in a competitor to ChromeOS, which already dominates its space.

Later this year, Microsoft is slated to roll out a refreshed or “new” Windows edition with a rejuvenated user interface. Evidently, some of the interface elements within the Sun Valley update are shared with Windows 10X, according to leaks. Perhaps we could also see some features come over from 10X, which would put Windows 10 in a pretty good spot. Whatever the case may be, Microsoft keeps changing plans, and no one knows what will happen, so keep an eye on HotHardware for updates on Windows 10 and seemingly shelved Windows 10X.