Windows 10X Is Reportedly Microsoft's OS For Dual-Screen Devices Like Centaurus

microsoft save the date surface
Late last night, our favorite gadget leaker, Evan Blass, presented us with official renders of three of Microsoft's upcoming Surface devices. Those products included the Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, and an unnamed ARM-powered Surface convertible.

At the time, Blass also made the following comment, "Not pictured here: dual-screen Surface". That is an obvious reference to the rumored dual screen "Centaurus" device that Microsoft has been working on in its hardware labs. At the time, we wondered if he would leak more information about Centaurus, and he has this morning with the revelation that Microsoft has designated Windows 10X as the newest Windows 10 fork that is designed specifically for devices with dual or folding displays.

microsoft arm surface

It's also stated that Windows 10X will run desktop apps in "containers", which wasn't expounded upon in the tweet. However, we're expecting to hear a lot more about Centaurus and Windows 10X at tomorrow's Surface event.

It's likely that Windows 10X is what we've all been referencing as Windows Lite for the past few months. Earlier reports had suggested that this operating system would only run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and Progressive Web Apps, with support being added at a later date for traditional Win32 apps.

arm surface 2
Microsoft's ARM-powered Surface

"Microsoft is targeting entry-level devices with Lite but also expects to target heavy users as well," wrote Thurrott's Brad Sams back in March. "The reason the company chose the name Lite, for now at least, is that they categorize users into lite and heavy; lite users they expect to use Lite OS whereas heavy users will use Windows 10."

We'd imagine that Centaurus will be somewhat related to the ARM-powered Surface device, and could also be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx SoC. But that's all just speculation on our part and we'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the full scoop... unless a certain someone has more leaks lined up for us in the coming hours.