Microsoft Launches Replacement Program For Faulty Surface Pro Power Cords

Microsoft has officially revealed its Surface Pro power cord replacement program a day earlier than originally reported. We first brought you news of the recall yesterday, when Microsoft confirmed that power cords shipped with Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 tablets could overheat if “wound too tightly, twisted or pinched over an extended period of time.”

The program, which is currently available to Surface Pro customers in the United States and Canada, covers Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 sold prior to March 15, 2015. Tablets sold after that point are not affected by this recall, and we’re assuming that they shipped with the revised power cord that Microsoft is now providing to customers.

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“While there are no reports of serious injury, a small number of our customers have reported this issue and we are taking action to address by making free replacement cords available to all eligible customers,” wrote the Surface Team in a blog post this morning. “The safety of our customers is our top priority.”

You can register to have a new Surface Pro power cord shipped to you by visiting this special Warranty and Support website. It should be noted that Microsoft says that once you register, you’ll receive your replacement power cord within 4 to 6 business days, and interestingly, Microsoft says that you should discontinue use of the current power cord immediately:

If you have a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2, or a pre-March 15, 2015 Surface Pro 3, you should stop using your AC power cord and discard or recycle it in accordance with local requirements.

So you’re going to have to use the power cord to charge your Surface Pro at your own risk, of use is sparingly over the next week as you wait for the replacement. If you have more than one Surface Pro tablet, that you’ll have to fill out a request for each one. For business customers that purchased Surface Pro tablets in bulk, you can contact Microsoft directly to arrange for the delivery of replacement power cords.

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In order to prevent damage to your brand new power cord when it arrives, Microsoft also suggests that you follow these guidelines on properly caring for your Surface Pro power cord and power brick.