Microsoft Will Voluntarily Recall Surface Pro Power Cords Due To Overheating Concerns

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If you have a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, then you need to listen very carefully. Microsoft is about to launch a voluntary recall campaign for the power cords used on its Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 tablets due to overheating concerns. News of the recall was first brought to light by a European publication, and Microsoft later confirmed the news to the well-respected “Redmond Watcher” Mary Jo Foley.

In a statement, Microsoft provided the following preliminary information on the recall:

As a result of damage caused by AC power cords being wound too tightly, twisted or pinched over an extended period of time, a very small proportion of Surface Pro customers have reported issues with their AC power cord. We will be releasing details of how customers can obtain a free replacement cable shortly.

The recall applies to all Surface Pro models sold before July 2015, and Microsoft will provide a free replacement (of course) to all customers around the globe. According to Channelnomics Europe, the official recall will start on Friday January 22nd and Microsoft will launch a website where customers will be able to order a new power cord.

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We’re assuming that customers will have to enter in their device serial number and personal information to begin the process, after which Microsoft will ship you a new and improved power cord. Whether Microsoft will ask you to ship the defective cords back or simply toss it remains to be seen, but we’ll provide you with final details once they are available.

In case you were wondering, the newer Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book as not affected by this recall campaign.