Microsoft Nabs Former Apple 5G Wireless Exec To Work On Advanced AR Hardware


Ruben Caballero left Apple in early 2019, where he had served as the head of Apple's 5G wireless program. The reason the executive departed Apple had to do with a change in development plans for 5G modems used in upcoming hardware products. After leaving Apple, Caballero became an advisor to a company called Humane, which was founded by former Apple employees. Reports indicate that Caballero has now been hired by Microsoft as a corporate vice president.

His role at Microsoft will reportedly involve mixed reality hardware and AI technology. Information on his duties at Microsoft comes from his LinkedIn profile, and the responsibilities were reportedly confirmed by Microsoft. Hiring Caballero is seen as a notable move by Microsoft as the company pushes to ramp-up augmented reality technology.

Caballero handled many different projects during his tenure at Apple (which started back in 2005), where he was a VP of engineering in charge of developing wireless technology. His development efforts included work on antennas inside of iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. He also oversaw global wireless product testing efforts.

It's unclear exactly what Caballero will be doing for Microsoft with regards to wireless technology in the augmented reality and virtual reality platforms the company is working on. We do know that augmented reality and virtual reality are currently bandwidth-limited in some applications, and the higher bandwidth offered by 5G wireless technology holds significant promise in that field. Microsoft is currently investing heavily in its hardware products, which have been growing in popularity.