Microsoft Confirms Xbox All Access 24-Month Console Financing Program

Confirming rumors that broke last week, Microsoft today announced Xbox All Access before unceremoniously deactivating the link to the page describing the service. However, the details surrounding Xbox All Access match exactly with what we reported on Thursday.

Customers in the United States will be able to get an Xbox One S console, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass at a cost of $22 per month for 24 months. If you want the more powerful Xbox One X console, your monthly cost will rise to $35 per month. If we take into consideration retail pricing for both the console and the two services, you're looking at about a $130 savings over the course of two years if you opt for the Xbox One S. If you decide to go with the Xbox One X, that overall savings dwindles to just $20 over the same time period.

Xbox One X 5

Since your monthly outlay includes paying down the cost of the Xbox One hardware, the console is yours to keep after the two years. However, if you decide to cut your subscription before your two years is up, you'll be responsible for footing the bill on the remaining cost of the console. 

“For no upfront cost and one low monthly price for 24 months, Xbox All Access gets you a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X, access to more than 100 great games through Xbox Game Pass, and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold,” said Microsoft in the now-deleted Xbox Wire blog post.

“That’s more than 100 all-you-can-play games — including highly-anticipated new Xbox One exclusives the day they’re released, plus more games added all the time on the fastest, most reliable gaming network and an Xbox One console.”

While this is definitely a good purchase option for those that don't have the money to plunk down $250 on an Xbox One S or $499 for an Xbox One X upfront, we should point out that there are deals to be had on these console that could end up costing you less in the end. For example, Rakuten earlier this year offered the Xbox One X for $440 with $51 of in-store credit included.