Here's How To Get An Xbox One X For $440 With Bonus $51 In-Store Credit

Microsoft's Xbox One X hasn't needed a lot of incentives for it to sell well with gamers, but with a cost of $499.99 USD, it's a hard pill for some to swallow for some - especially if they already have an original Xbox One. Regardless, as it turns out, etailer Rakuten (formerly known as is currently offering a stellar deal that could net you the console for a lot less than MSRP, and with bonus store cash piled on for future use.

Xbox One X

Despite its $499.99 SRP, Rakuten sells the Xbox One X for $514.99 before discount, but as of the time of writing, a coupon found right inside of the product page itself on the site will drop $75 off the price in an instant. Further, rewards gained from this purchase equate to $51.40 of store credit to use for a future purchase. 

As if this deal wasn't tempting enough, the etailer also offers free shipping on the order. All told, you stand to come out at least $100 ahead. Or in other words, you're getting about 20% off, excluding taking shipping into account (since it's free many other places as well).


The game above is an example of one you'd probably really like to have an Xbox One X for, over the original (or Xbox One S). PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a seriously gluttonous game on the PC, so by default, lesser-power consoles are sure to struggle with the title. There's a reason Microsoft promotes the game so heavily specifically for the Xbox One X, and that ties into another potential deal.

Microsoft's Major Nelson posted yesterday that the PUBG Xbox One X bonus is coming back, but the promotion doesn't start until Sunday, the 18th. The promotion at Rakuten lasts until Tuesday, the 20th, but it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to chance waiting on the deal, since we're not sure how much stock the etailer has, or that Rakuten itself will even promote the free game. You can hit that XBox One X deal link right here. Major Nelson's wording does say "every Xbox One X purchase", so take that as you will.