Microsoft Buffs Out New Paint App For Windows 10 With Ability To Work In 3D

MS Paint
If you’ve used the version of Paint that comes with Windows 10, you’ll notice that things haven’t really changed much in years (it looks barely changed from the version that shipped with Windows 7). However, Microsoft has completely revamped Paint to take advantage of technologies found within Windows 10 and the hardware (namely the stylus) that comes with Surface-branded tablets.

In the first video seen below, we’re given an overview of the all-new Paint app, including its newfound capabilities that allow you to create in 3D. You can start by drawing a simple shape or object, add 3D texturing to it to give depth, and move/flip it around in your virtual workspace. In the video, the presenter creates a simple outline of a clownfish (which starts off looking like a tasty goldfish cracker treat) before white stripes and eyes are added to give it a cartoony Finding Nemo-esque look.

You’ll have access to a touch- and pen-friendly working environment that allows you to combine 3D models with 2D images and stickers. You can even access new 3D content using community tools that Microsoft provides.

The second video goes into more detail on the Smart Select and Make 3D features found in the new version of Paint. In the demonstration, the presenter shows easy it is to create simple 3D objects (in this case, flowers) and turns them into interesting works of art using the Surface Pen.

It should come as no surprise that these Paint app leaks are coming not long after Microsoft announced that it will hold a special hardware event in New York City on October 26th. Not only is Microsoft expected to announce refreshed Surface tablets and convertibles, but a new Surface all-in-one desktop PC is also widely rumored to make an appearance. In fact, we’ve already seen both the AIO’s mouse and keyboard leak onto the FCC website.

This new Paint app will definitely go a long way towards showcasing the powerful capabilities of a Surface AIO.