Microsoft Pencils In October 26th For Fall Windows 10 Hardware Event

microsoft event
Get ready folks, Microsoft has some cool new stuff to showcase at the end of October, and we have a pretty good idea at what the folks in Redmond have in store.

Over the past week, both a Surface-branded keyboard and mouse have leaked onto the internet. These peripherals lead great credence to the arrival of a Surface all-in-one PC, which has been rumored for months. The all-in-one is reportedly being developed under the codename Surface Cardinal and will be the consumer equivalent of Microsoft’s high-end Surface Hub presentation tools.

surface keyboard

Based on earlier reports, the Surface all-in-one could be available in three different screen sizes: 21-inches, 24-inches and 27-inches. The latter two models would come with 4K displays (and hopefully enough graphics horsepower to push those pixels). We also wouldn’t be too surprised to see Intel’s Kaby Lake processors powering these new Windows 10 PCs.

We could likely see refreshes to Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Book convertibles as well, complete with Kaby Lake power onboard, so we’ll stay tuned to see what happens on that front. Microsoft made quite the splash last year with the Surface Book, and shocked everyone when it was revealed that the “notebook” was in fact a convertible with a detachable keyboard.

What’s less clear is if Microsoft will take the bold move to at least tease its reported efforts to deliver a Surface Phone, which would carry the torch for the outgoing Lumia line of smartphones with regards to Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft hardware event is scheduled for October 26th and will begin promptly at 10AM EST in New York City.

Via:  Microsoft
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