Merry Christmas from Crytek: a Crysis MapPack

It's Christmas Day. What the heck are you doing? Fire up Crysis and install this new Christmas present from them: an official Crysis Tournament Mappack. Thing is, Santa didn't drop it down the chimney and it's not on the Crytek site (at least, it's not easy to find).

In a way that's probably good: anyone else annoyed at how you have to enter your birthdate every single time you go there?

Of course we have prepared a little Christmas present for you as well. Within the past few months and weeks we haven't been working on patches, SDK and Linux Server only, but also our Level Designers have been very active. Thus we are happy to announce you the release of the official "Crysis Tournament Mappack".

Some of you might know this map pack series from FarCry already. We wanted to continue it for Crysis and have turned it into an official map pack that is being developed and approved by Crytek.

The package includes 5 brand new multiplayer maps for Crysis. All of them have been tested by Crytek's QA department and the professional Crysis teams [00] - Die Doppelnullen, GT - GlobalTeam.eSports and N! - Ninth Gaming.

What are you waiting for?  Start downloading!