Make Calls With Your Motherboard

These days, we expect our motherboards to come loaded with onboard features. It has become increasingly rare for a motherboard not to include features like integrated audio and LAN. It's also easy to find boards sporting integrated video and built-in processors (ie. VIA EPIA). Abit's IN9 32X-MAX even has 802.11b/g wireless support. But, have you ever heard of a motherboard with built-in phone capability?
"Micro-Star International (MSI) has been in cooperation with Skype in order to add Skype functions into its new Intel P35 (Bearlake) motherboard, according to sources at the companies.

The new functions allow both traditional telephone and Internet phone (Skype) capabilities together on the new motherboard, the sources explained."
Details are scarce at this point, but it seems that the Skype capability will manifest as an add-on expansion card that will be bundled with the upcoming MSI P35 Diamond. The Skype hardware, dubbed SkyTel, will work in conjunction with the board's integrated Realtek ALC880T HD audio codec to enable a standard telephone to be connected to the computer, which can then be used to place Skype calls as well as traditional phone calls. Traditional phone calls can still be placed even when the system is powered off, although the system needs to be on for Skype calls. The jury is still out on the necessity of hardware accelerated Skype.
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