Major Apex Legends Update Inbound With Performance Lift And More

In an era where many AAA gaming companies sometimes dismiss the concerns of their player base, Respawn Entertainment’s approach to communication has been a refreshing change. Since the release of their blockbuster game Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has faithfully committed to posting regular updates and publishing new patches for the game. Respawn’s most recent patch should provide audio fixes that will be performance improvements, hit corrections and other fixes to Apex Legends. The latest patch will be available early next week.

The main purpose of this particular patch is to improve the audio in Apex Legends. Overall, the audio engine should be “around 30% more CPU-efficient” and this tweak should lessen distortion and dropouts. The developers have also “lowered impact on data loading through code and content changes” to further decrease the chance of dropouts. They have increased the volume of the music that plays when a player wins a match and the sound close proximity enemy footsteps, but have lowered the volume when a player is on the character select scene and the sound of the Pathfinder footsteps. Overall, the volume of the game should be more balanced and players should experience less distortion and dropouts.

apex legends bot

Respawn developers are also responding to complaints about incorrect hit registration. The patch incorporates better tracking of bullet damage logic. They have also added “network problem indicator icons” to determine whether internet connectivity is a cause of inaccurate hit registration. Both of these changes will help the developers to determine whether any bugs exist and how they should be addressed in the future.

Some of the patch fixes apply to specific devices. The developers have re-enabled the “Pick Me Up” banner on the Playstation 4. They note that this patch will take a few hours to fully take effect after the patch is released. They have also found a workaround for a PC bug. Some Intel CPUs were not properly executing instructions and caused the game to crash. The developers have included a temporary fix in their patch and are working with Intel on a more permanent solution.

apex legends in game

Unfortunately, players will no longer be able to attach items to Gibraltar’s Gun Shield. Although this bug has certainly been fun, the developers noted the bug could potentially get “out of control”. As a consolation prize, Gibraltar’s Gun Shield will now deflect Arc Stars.

Apex Legends was released in February 2019. Within a month, the game already boasted 50 million active players. The developers have thankfully released a number of patches and updates to satisfy their growing player base. For the full list of updates, check out this link here.