Magic Leap Teases Imminent Release of Mixed Reality Headset

Magic Leap One
We might be seeing a Magic Leap One launch before the day is over, or if not, perhaps by the end of the week. Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz has taken to Twitter with a series of tweets suggesting a launch is imminent, including more than one reference to a rocket ship. He also recent said that "Day 1" is coming soon.

"I want to thank the whole Magic Leap for the endless hours everyone is putting in in [sic] this last phase before we ship," Abovitz stated a couple of weeks ago. He followed that up by saying, "And for everyone following us, we know we have to earn our place in this world. Our Day 1 is coming soon, and we are going to share with you what we have built, we will listen, we will learn, and we know that a good future is only built."
On August 1, Abovitz let it be known that "Radio silence mode is still on." Then came the teaser tweets yesterday and today. One of them shows a rocket ship getting ready to launch, another one is a picture of an astronaut, and in yet another tweet, he links to the Roland TR-808, which is a drum machine introduced by Roland Corporation in 1980.

If you read between the lines, the "808" in the model number could be Abovitz's way of teasing the Magic Leap One's release date—today, August 8. We will have to wait and see.
In case you have not been following, the Magic Leap One is a highly hyped augmented reality (AR) headset. It consists of a pair of goggles, a controller, and a disc-shaped device that powers the experience. Not a whole lot is known about the Magic Leap One, though Abovitz did previously say that the cost will be comparable to a "premium computer."

Things may have changed since then, though if not, we are probably looking at a $1,000 price tag or higher. Stay tuned...