Magic Leap One AR Headset Could Cost As Much As Premium PC

Word surfaced late last year that the Magic Leap One AR headset would be launching in 2018. At the time, one of the key details missing about the Magic Leap One headset was exactly how much it would cost. CEO Rony Abovitz wouldn’t specifically announce a price during an interview he gave recently, but he did say that the AR headset would have pricing comparable to a "premium computer."

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That's far from an exact price but presumably, that means over $1,000. Abovitz also stated during the interview that the company would likely have multiple tiers of headsets to reach different buyers. If you want hard numbers for pricing and a more exact launch date than the vague "2018" date we have now, that will be coming this spring according to the executive.

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"Think of [Magic Leap One] as prosumer-ish, and then we’ll have even higher-end for, like, hyper-pro, and then we’ll have, like, [lower] wide mass market [tier]," said Abovitz.

Abovitz was quick to say "no" when asked if the company would ever consider a $200 to $300 mass market headset. He added, "I think Magic Leap is like… think higher-end mobile phone to higher-end tablet zone, [that’s] probably our [price] floor." That would suggest that $700 to $800 is the lowest cost AR headset we will ever see from the company.

To justify the high price Abovitz said, "The number of devices it’s potentially replacing… if you actually add all that up, at some point—we’re not saying for ML One […]—your phones, your televisions, your laptops, your tablets, that add up to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, [they] all get virtualized. So the economy of what we’re building can actually replace—not on day one, but over the next, let’s say, gen two / gen three—a whole suite of consumer electronics."

Some wondered when the Magic Leap One Creator Edition launches if it would be for developers only, however, it will be for anyone according to Abovitz.