Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR Headset Finally Unveiled, Ships In 2018

Magic Leap just announced today that its Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset will start shipping in 2018, although it stopped short of disclosing an exact date when customers will be able to purchase. The company wrote a message on its blog that says:

I am so excited to share with all of you a first look at Magic Leap One, Creator Edition.

We will be shipping in 2018, so stay tuned for more events, info on how to buy, the opening of our creator/developer portal, and just more cool and fun stuff.

In early 2018, please also look for "Origins" - a bit of a fun backstory on how we got here and where we are going.

The Magic Leap team and I look forward to co-creating the future with you.

Have a great holiday :-)



What we know now about the Magic Leap One is that it is an AR headset that is much smaller and more streamlined than the existing competition. The company promises that with its AR headset, the digital and physical worlds will interact in another dimension. The headset was engineered to be lightweight and comfortable for hours of operation, and uses Digital Lightfield technology.

magic leap one creator edit

That combined with environment mapping, precision tracking, and soundfield audio to produce a natural experience when in use. The small headset is powered by a processing and graphics package in a small puck that can be clipped on your pocket or a belt (it reminds us of a CD Walkman from the 90s). To control what you see and do with the headset, there is a motion controller with force control and haptic feedback for a fluid sensory experience.

magic leap one lightpack

The motion controller gives six degrees of freedom with smooth and intuitive responses to gestures. Magic Leap wrote, "Our integrated processing unit delivers high-fidelity, gaming-quality graphics, with the power and performance of a laptop computer. From editing an elaborate 3D model to playing a first-person shooter in your living room, Magic Leap One produces lightfield objects in intricate detail, all on a highly responsive, self-contained wearable."

magic leap one control

Magic Leap will open its creator portal in early 2018, which will provide access to the SDK for developers along with tools, documents, learning resources and support to create content for the wearable.