Lollipop Update For First Generation Motorola Moto X Coming ‘In A Few Weeks’

Owners of the first-gen Moto X who've been salivating for a taste of the super sweet Android 'Lollipop' have no doubt been a frustrated in recent months given the lack of concrete updates. This is made worse by the fact that the OS has been hitting many other devices. Even the lowly Moto G was treated to Lollipop a couple of months ago, or even as far back as November if we're talking unlocked devices.

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Well, a new Google+ post made by Motorola's David Schuster gives Moto X owners some new hope: Lollipop could land in a couple of weeks.

Pardon the pun, but Schuster doesn't sugar coat what's been the problem up to this point: "It has been a struggle due to the lack of support from some of our partners." He goes on to mention that the OS is being test-driven in both the US and Latin American markets, so it really looks at though there should be no further holdups.

With issues like these, is it any wonder why Lollipop is found on only 9% of Android devices?